Fri Feb 1, 2019

at DeWitt Tennis Center

(on-court presentations)

"Creating Doubles Teams that Win"

9-9:50 am: MARK FICKS
"One Size Fits All: Modifying Drills for All Levels"

10-10:50 am: MARK FAIRCHILDS
"The 6 Zones of Doubles"

11-11:50 am: MEIKA ASHBY
"Developing Great Players"

12-1:30 pm: Lunch (new INCLUDED this year)
12:30-1:20: MHSAA Rules Meeting

1:30-2:20 pm: FRANK GIAMPAOLO
"Practicing in the Manner You're Expected to Perform"

2:30-3:20 pm: EMMA DOYLE
"Creative Retention Strategies – Gamification for Engaging the Next Generation"

3:30-4:20 pm: JORGE CAPESTANY
"Drills for Teaching the Serve and Return"

4:30-5:20 pm: MARK FAIRCHILDS
"Teaching Aggressive Tennis for HS Players"

Sat Feb 2, 2019

at Haworth Inn

(classroom presentations)

7:30-8:20 am: General Meeting

8:30-9:20 am: ERIK ANDERSON
"Pairing the Right Doubles Partners"

9:30-10:20 am: FRANK GIAMPAOLO
"Neuro Priming for Peak Performance - A Winning Mindset"

10:30-11:20 am: MARK FICKS
"Final Exam, Helping Players Understand Their Improvement" 

11:30-12:20 pm: EMMA DOYLE
"Communication Strategies for Effective Coaching - Language Matters"
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