do You Have a HS Student About to Graduate

That's Not Sure What They Want To Do?

Are You Nervous About Student Debt 

and Where Your Child Will End Up

After 4 Years of College?


Finally, there's a solution that satisfies both parents and students.

If Your child Loves Tennis - There's a New Career Option That Might Be a Perfect Fit

Their LOVE for tennis could be the answer to all of the sobering statistics about getting a job after college. Did you know you can get ANY college major and attach tennis to it?

A degree by itself can be scary when you're looking for a job, but with TENNIS ATTACHED TO IT can be dream come true!

What if I told you that there is a Professional Tennis Management (PTM) option at certain colleges that will practically GUARANTEE you a job in the tennis industry right after you graduate. In fact, 70% of students have a job BEFORE they graduate.


  • A DEGREE: Get a normal College degree while studying TENNIS at the same time.
  • PAID INTERNSHIPS: Work in some of the most desirable places in the country, making great money.
  • PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: You'll be a certified as a USPTA teaching professional upon graduation.
  • 100% JOB PLACEMENT: PTM programs have historically had a 100% Job Placement rate.
  • GREAT STARTING SALARY: Average between $50-60K starting salary. No living in your parent's basement!

Have You Ever Worried about Getting a Job After College?

Forbes Gives some Sobering Facts?...

College Debt is scary today. Combine that with the low job placement rates in some of the most popular majors and that makes for a BAD situation.

Here's some interesting new data from Jaison Abel and Richard Dietz of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They find that the vast majority of U.S. college grads, work in jobs that are NOT strictly related to their degrees:

On top of that, a significant number of college grads appear to be underemployed: In 2010, only 62 percent of U.S. college graduates had a job that required a college degree.

What does this mean?  A low paying job that puts a lot of college graduates right where they left of after high school, living in their parent's house (and most likely in the basement)!

Second: only 27 percent of college grads had a job that was closely related to their major.

This means working in a field that you most likely didn't study and making MUCH LESS INCOME than you expected to make.

Here is the NACE's list of academic majors, showing the percentage of student applicants who had at least one job offer by the time they graduated:


This Amazing Opportunity in the sport You Love is Called...

Professional Tennis Management (PTM)

Professional Tennis Management or PTM is where you get to follow your passion, TENNIS, and attach it to a number of different degrees at colleges and universities all over the country.

The tennis industry is at a point where there are MORE jobs available than there are people to fill them and there is a HUGE demand for those who have a passion and experience.

In fact, the shorter is so bad that our governing body (USTA) has created a special division to start more PTM programs across the country.

Not sure you're good enough to become a teaching professional? Don't worry, while college varsity players can pursue PTM, the fact is that 70% of PTM students do not play on their college team (And still land great jobs)!

PLUS... they gain the valuable experience that employers are looking for through paid internships, on-campus workshops and work experience at the university facility or nearby club.

When you graduate with a PTM Degree, you will have experienced teaching tennis, running social events and tournaments, stringing racquets, pro shop management, and you'll understand how tennis clubs operate. You'll be prepared with all of the KEY characteristics employers say they are looking for.

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What PTM Students Are Saying About This Career...

PTM Changed My Life Forever...
A PTM program was the ultimate preparation for me to enter the world of tennis instruction. The classes and internships helped me develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence I needed to hit the ground running immediately after graduation. Without the top level connections that the program gave me, there's no chance I ever would have worked at such beautiful clubs so early in my career.

Ian Westermann
Founder of Essential Tennis, Leader in Online Tennis Instruction

Best Decision of my Life...
Going through the PTM program was great preparation for me and my future career in tennis. Between my classmates, the great internships, and helpful alumni, I had an incredible experience that truly got me ready to be out in the industry. There is nothing like being able to make your passion your career and being in a PTM program helped me achieve just that. I would highly recommend a PTM program to anyone.

Patrick Kearns
Owner and Director, 4 Star Camps

Once I Heard About PTM, I Was ALL IN...
PTM was the perfect program for me. I have always had a passion for teaching tennis but didn't know what the next step was until I heard about PTM. The best part about PTM is the internships you work at during the summers. I would recommend PTM to anyone who is looking to get into the tennis industry. I was amazed at how many job opportunities I had upon graduation and now have my dream job in Florida.

Matt McInerney
Assistant Tennis Director - Boca West Country Club

PTM Changed the Trajectory of My Life...
If you play tennis or are curious as to the job possibilities there are in the tennis industry, then a Professional Tennis Management Program is the ideal program for you. As a proud PTM alumnus, the program was invaluable in providing me the knowledge, and expertise with hands-on real-world experience. PTM accelerated my career and helped me land the role of my dream job, just like it has for so many others.

Kyle LaCroix
Assistant Director of Tennis - The Oaks at Boca Raton

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