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YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Jorge Capestany is a tennis pro and entrepreneur that has started multiple tennis businesses and has helped tennis pros learn how to earn money off the court and online. Jorge is a USPTA Master Professional and PTR International Master Professional.

Here’s what players are saying about Jorge’s courses…

Completely love the idea of the personal promise. I have seen it a few of your videos, and I think the personal promises can go hand-in-hand with the “what’s important now concept.

Sally W – Hew Haven, CT

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fear of Losing video and many of your tips resonated with my own game. I’m going to try the ‘personal promise’ tip on my topspin backhand.

Angela G – Cape Coral, FL

I’ve never really thought about the “pressure” of the scoring system but realize that I’ve definitely suffered from this pressure. I’ll do the drills next time I get on the court.

Roger G – El Paso, TX

I really liked this video from the aspect of practicing playing under pressure points. I can see that this will aid in managing these situations in a match environment. Thanks for the tips, I think they will be a big help.

Andy V – Los Angeles, CA

Thanks Jorge! We will use your drills for sure in Hungary also with our Junior players! I love the way you talk about a positive attitude helping in mental strength!!! That’s a true fact!!!

Miklós B – Hungary

Great course!! I have read The Inner Game when it was first published in the 70’s and have read some of Dr. Loehr’s work. This has reminded me of some bad habits I have fallen into.

Ron V – Miami, FL

I like the split bounce hit saying. It seems to really help on focusing and concentration. Thanks for the input. Great video on the inner voice. I’m excited to see the next video and see what I can learn.

Kathleen T – Milwaukee, WI

Jorge, thank you so much for this gold mine. Wow I have so many personal promises …. Where do I start? Footwork, watch the ball, stay low, hit relaxed, etc. Love this series and I need to watch this over and over

Bobby S – Redondo Beach, CA

Great video Jorge – Enjoyed the entire presentation – Will use it next week when I am playing in the Cat 2 tournament in Austin. Good job and will be looking forward the next videos. I will be sharing them with my staff.

Fernando V – Austin, TX