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"We're Going To Show You EXACTLY How To THINK Like The Pros, So You Can Win More Matches..."

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(4 videos)
You & the Ball:
 You will learn about Level 1 of Tennis IQ which deals with the PLAYER and the BALL. This is the most basic level and deals mostly with reception skills. You’ll learn a technique called the "segmented swing" that will help you customize your swing for each shot.


(5 videos)
Your Side of the Court: 
We'll teach you about Level 2 of Tennis IQ. This deals with YOUR SIDE of the court. In this module, we show you the training games we use to get our players making all the right decisions about your their own side of the court.


(7 videos)
Opponent’s Side of the Court: 
You’ll learn how to set your “personal ball machine settings” so you consistently send your opponent the balls they hate the most, sabotaging their strokes and lowering their level of play while keeping them from grooving their strokes.


(8 videos)
This Module is all about MISSIONS. I'm going to teach you a technique called “mission-play” so you can know what type of play to run on every point BEFORE it even starts, leaving your opponents at a loss on how to defend against your tactics.


(7 videos)
Practice Plans: 
I'm going to give you 5-weeks of specific step-by-step printable practice plans so you can be confident your practices will be effective and have a purpose every time to take the practice court. These are the same practice plans I have used to develop 3 national USTA champions.

Plus You Get These SEVEN Bonus Modules Worth $1,247

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up Right Now

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$100 Value - Yours Free

If you act right now, I am going to throw in this very special bonus…

In this module, we have 8 videos that show you very specific training games I have used with my players to develop 3 national champions and multiple All-American tennis players in the US.

Discover the secrets to practice effectively and with purpose on your own or with a partner.  Remember the best players often practice with a coach, but few know how to practice without a coach. This essential skill is something you will learn in this important bonus module.

In these step by step videos, take you through everything you need to know to get your game to the next level.

  • 2


$100 Value - Yours Free

If you act right now I am going to throw in this very special bonus…

In this module, we have 10 videos where I take you on the court and you get to hear me coach my student live as he plays a match.

I call this the brain transplant because it is my brain coming up with the strategy and tactics to use but my player’s body applying the tactics.

You will discover the secrets to how to think and run plays for different situations and scoring scenarios.

When you go through this training you will see for the first time just how much planning is happening with high-level players. Remember that tennis is like chess and in this bonus module you will see how we plan 2-3 shots deep into every point before it even starts.

  • 3


$100 Value - Yours Free

If you act right now you'll get access to a special bonus…

Join me for TWO live coaching calls where you can ask me anything about the course and tennis.

I don't just want you to buy my course, I actually want you to receive great value from it.

These calls will also be recorded so you can have lifetime access to them in case you are not able to join us on the live call.

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$100 Value - Yours Free

Follow Up Email Series: You’ll receive a weekly email from me for 11 weeks in a row. I'll be teaching you specifically what to practice each week. This will ensure you get the most out of the Building Tennis IQ course.

Each week my email will tell you what parts of the course you should be focusing on. I'll take you by the hand through the entire course on the same order as I do with my own students.

Of course, you'll have instant access the entire course immediately, but there is a BEST way to digest the material so I wanted to give you that as a bonus.

  • 5


$147 Value - Yours Free

If you act right now I am going to throw in an entire additional course as a special bonus…

You'll get full and lifetime access to one of my most popular courses ever. I'll take you on the court with me as I coach a pair of 5.0 players against another team. You'll see and hear how these Elite players plan and strategize

You'll see and hear how these Elite players plan and strategize while they do it LIVE in a match.

You'll be totally blown away once you hear this level of Tennis IQ.

  • 6


$100 Value - Yours Free

If you act right now you'll get access to an additional free course as a special bonus…

You'll have full and lifetime access to one of my mental toughness video series that has helped more than 10,000 players around the world become more mentally tough.

The topics covered in the 4-part video series include:

  1. Fear of Losing: You'll learn how the "personal promise" can help you play without fear and focus only on the things you can control.
  2. Closing out an Opponent: You'll learn how the diabolical scoring system in tennis is made for comebacks and how to properly close out an opponent at the end of a set or match.
  3. Your Inner Voice: I'll teach you how to use the time between points as a second performance so your inner voice does not become your inner critic.
  4. Nerves and Choking: I'll teach you trigger words and trigger actions to use so your inner voice does not become an inner critic.
  • 7


$100 Value - Yours Free

If you act right now you'll get access to an additional free course as a special bonus…

You'll have full and lifetime access to my tennis parent's course that has changed the lives of countless tennis families.

Let's face it, tennis can be fun but it is not always fun. I'll teach you how to navigate the minefield that is American junior tennis.

You'll learn important topics such as:

  1. How much should a junior player train?
  2. How to understand the confusing USTA tennis tournament structure.
  3. How to watch your kids play a match.
  4. How to help your child choose the correct mindset for tennis.
  5. Job descriptions for players, parents, and coaches.
  6. How to pick the right tennis coach.
  7. Understanding the no coaching rule in USTA junior tournaments.


  • 1) Tennis IQ Course - 5 Course Modules: (Value $500)
  • 2) Tennis IQ Course - Bonus Module 1 "TRAINING GAMES" (Value $100)
  • 3) Tennis IQ Course - Bonus Module 3 "ON COURT STRATEGY" (Value $100)
  • 4) Tennis IQ Course - Bonus Module 3: "LIVE COACHING CALLS" (Value $100)
  • 5) Bonus Course - HIGH PERFORMANCE DOUBLES" (Value $147)
  • 6) Bonus Course - MENTAL TOUGHNESS COURSE" (Value $100)
  • 7) Bonus Course - TENNIS PARENT'S COURSE" (Value $100)

90 videos and more than 10 hours of world-class tennis instruction.

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3-Pay Plan

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…If I’m the Better Player Why Can’t I Win!?


That was the question that one of my students asked me after a frustrating loss. You see, I was telling him that he was good enough to beat the player he had just lost too.

So, when he asked me that question it was a moment of clarity for me as a coach. I understood for the first time that my player truly did not know why he lost.

He was convinced that he could only play his best in practice and that he was doomed to always play worse in an actual match once the scoreboard was turned on.

This conversation is what got me started in developing a system for my players to help them play as good in matches as they could in practice.

I felt like Tennis IQ was the biggest reason my players were coming up short. They definitely cared enough, worked hard enough, and practiced enough, but the reality was they simply did not know HOW to play in matches. They had no real plan and therefore would just react to their opponents and were always at their mercy.

Why Should I be YOUR Online Tennis Coach?

  • I've taught for more than 33 years and have logged more than 63,000 hours of on court teaching experience.
  • I am one of only 10 people worldwide that has the Master Professional rating with the USPTA and the International Master Professional ratings with the PTR.
  • I have appeared on the Tennis Channel on several occasions with the OnCourt with USPTA Show.
  • My adult students have won hundreds of league championships.
  • My junior students have won more than 190 HS State Tennis championships in Michigan.
  • My students have earned more than $5 million in scholarships in US colleges.
  • In 2015 I was named the USPTA National Professional of the Year.
  • I am a coaches’ coach. I am a internationally recognized speaker and have spoken at the most prestigious coaches conferences in the world including...
  • Featured Speaker - PTR International Tennis Symposium
  • Featured Speaker - USPTA World Conference on Tennis
  • Featured Speaker - USTA Tennis Teacher's Conference at the US Open in New York
  • Featured Speaker - PTR Asia Tennis Symposium in Shanghai China
  • Featured Speaker - ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference in Cancun Mexico
  • Featured Speaker - Norwegian Tennis Conference in Oslo Norway Tennis
  • Featured Speaker - Canada's Coaches Road Tour throughout Canada
  • . Featured Speaker – PTR Wimbledon Coaches Conference in London
  • Featured Speaker - Canada Coaches Road Tour throughout Canada
  • PLUS - Hundreds of regional and national conferences around the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers Section

1. How is the this course any different than what I've already seen online?

There are tons of tennis instructional videos online, some good, some bad. The difference in this course is that we take a deep dive into the process of developing Tennis IQ. The course is laid out in Modules that have been specifically designed to maximize your learning so you can start winning more matches NOW.

2. I've never done a online lesson, does this really work for players?

Absolutely Yes.... BUT you'll have to do 2 things to succeed.

  1. Watch the videos in the course and study them.
  2. Go on the court and practice what you have learned in the videos.

While you will improve just by watching the videos, you will get much better by going on the court and using the drills and practices that we teach you.

3. So who is this for?

This course is for players and coaches alike. In fact, our courses are typically purchased by 50% coaches and 50% players. We even have several former touring professionals and Grand Slam winners who buy our courses because they are now tennis teachers/coaches.

4. How will I get access to the course?

You will receive INSTANT, digital access to these training videos... Which means that just MINUTES from right now... You could be well on your way to learning Pro Level Tennis IQ.

There's nothing to ship, and you'll have access to the entire training program, plus bonuses, FOR LIFE!

5. What if I don't like the course, is this offer risk-free?

YES it is Risk Free. Listen, I shop online too and sometimes what I buy just isn't what I thought it would be. Usually I have a tough time getting a refund or any help. I hate that!

That's why we offer a 60-day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee.

Our goal is to take away ANY RISK so you can confidently try our courses and know if it is not what you expected, we will give you a quick and courteous refund. That's our promise to you.

6. Can I trust you with my credit card?

Absolutely. We use one of the largest credit card processors in the world who uses the latest in cutting-edge technology to protect your information. We have been using them for more than 9 years and have never had a single problem.

What the Best Minds in Tennis Say About My Courses.

"Jorge Capestany is a conceptual genius in our sport of tennis in our time. Like innovators before us like Nick Bollettieri Dennis Van Der Meer, Vic Braden and many others that generated the momentum of the 70’s tennis boom, Jorge is a direct tennis descendant of the all-time greats. Jorge is a late to the sport turned tennis lifer who makes everyone who learns from him better. Jorge is the American Tennis Dream.”

Luke & Murphy Jensen, 1993 French Open Doubles Champions.

"Jorge is the man! He’s like a tennis mad scientist always inventing new drills and games that teach students how to play the game without over-complicating it. I’m lucky to call him a mentor and friend. If you’re serious about improving, and having more fun in the process, you should check out his stuff."

Will Hamilton, Co-Founder –

"I love Jorge's Building Tennis IQ course because it teaches players that they are the SECOND most important person on the court. The most important is your opponent. Jorge's course systematically teaches players how to think like the pros."

Craig O’Shannessy, Lead Strategy Analyst for the ATP World Tour, Wimbledon, Australian Open and the New York Times.

Here's What Actual Course Owners Are Saying About the Building Tennis IQ Course...

"Before Jorge, I had a 50 percent winning record in my recreational play, after Jorge online and live (at Tennis Congress) I have a 93 percent winning record. I don't know how, why or what - but there is something about Jorge's teaching style that burns into my mind and muscle memory. It's like I have become a tennis gladiator."

Catherine Fairchild, Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

"Jorge, Thanks so much for the inspiring content in the Tennis IQ course. I took away improved knowledge and great material for my coaching and my own competitive play. Great info on developing game plans and then executing. Love the W.I.N "what's important now" concept!"

Building Tennis IQ course owner

"Once you have a solid grounding in the fundamental shots you need to play competitive tennis... the tipping point to better tennis is developing your Tennis IQ and Jorge's program will show you exactly how to do this.'

Keith Maki, Holland Michigan

"For the layman, the non tennis speaking guru, the simplest way I can put this is "work smarter, not harder." This program has guided me into doing just this, on the court! We are trained to focus on the moment. Play the point. But there are other factors that we need to be aware of, on both sides of the court. Also, I really appreciate how you broke the "factors" down to just the essentials. It helps to block out what isn't as important and to focus on the critical. Thank you so much for bringing my game to another level!"

Building Tennis IQ course owner

This is a Great Program BUT… It’s Not For Everyone!

  • If you’re looking for a course that take a deep dive in to your TECHNIQUE in hopes that it will win you more matches, then this course is NOT for you.
  • If you’re convinced that having perfect technique is the best way to get you winning more matches, then this course is NOT for you.
  • If you’re looking for a theoretical course with tons of unproven lesson and drills that are not actionable then this isn’t right for you either.


  • If you’re sick of losing matches that you should be winning, then this program is for YOU!
  • If you want to learn to think like the pros do, then this program is for YOU!
  • If you want to play as good in matches as you do in practice, then this program is for YOU!
  • If your "perfect strokes" betray you in competition, then this program is for YOU!

Still Not Sure?

No Worries... Building Tennis IQ Comes with A

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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If for any reason you decide that the program is not for you. Let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 100% no questions asked. That’s our promise to you.

    A full package of world-class tennis instruction from one of only 10 coaches worldwide that is a Master Profesional with the USPTA and International Master Professional with the PTR.

    A $1,247 Value... But You Won't Pay That

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    3-Pay Plan

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