Luke Jensen Interview

with Grand Slam Doubles Champion and ESPN Tennis Analyst

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About this course and Interview: Luke Jensen was famously known as dual Hand Luke on the professional tennis tour. He was able to serve both left and right-handed at over 130 MPH. It is one of the major reasons he and his brother (Murphy) were the Champions of the 1993 French Open Doubles title.

Hailing from Ludington Michigan, the brothers were close friends of myself (Jorge) as we grew up. I had a first-hand look at this unique brother two-some that few people ever got to see. Luke was ranked number one in the world as a junior player and was ranked above Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker during that time period. Besides being a college coach, ESPN tennis analyst, and frequent guest speaker at many tennis events, Luke has a unique outlook on tennis and the game of doubles in particular.

So this interview was something I wanted to put together as a small course. I think you will enjoy everything that Luke has to share with you on your journey to becoming better doubles player.

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  • MODULE 1: Questions with Luke: In this section Luke answers questions about:

    1) How to Play with Any Doubles Partners

    2) Mental Toughness for Doubles

    3) Strategy questions about Doubles

    4) General questions about Doubles

  • MODULE 2: On Court with Luke: In this module we head to the court with Luke and he covers:

    1) How he started serving both left and right handed at over 130 MPH on the pro tour.

    2) Luke’s thoughts on Net Play in Doubles

    3) How to handle the dreaded “floating-sitter” volley

    4) Luke’s Favorite Doubles drills


  • ALSO… Bring Luke to YOUR club: We’ll explain the special offer Luke has to bring him into your club for a special day of VIP celebrity tennis events. I’ve personally done this at my own club and it was an amazing event for our members at a ridiculously inexpensive price.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Section

1. How is this course any different than what I’ve already seen online?

There are tons of tennis instructional videos online, some good, some bad. The difference in this course is that we take a deep dive into the process of developing Tennis IQ. The course is laid out in Modules that have been specifically designed to maximize your learning so you start start winning more matches NOW.

2. I’ve never done an online lesson, does this really work for players?

Absolutely Yes…. BUT you will have to do 2 things to succeed.

  1. Watch the videos in the course and study them.
  2. Go on the court and practice what you have learned in the videos.

While you will improve just by watching the videos, you will get much better by going on the court and using the drills and practices that we teach you.

3. Sooo who is this for?

This course is for players and coaches alike. In fact, our courses are typically purchased by 50% coaches and 50% players. We even have several former touring professional who buy our courses because they are now tennis teachers/coaches.

4. How is the product shipped?

You will receive INSTANT, digital access to these training videos… Which means that just MINUTES from right now… You could be well on your way to learning Pro Level Tennis IQ.


There’s nothing to ship, and you’ll have access to the entire training program, plus bonuses, for life.

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YES it is Risk Free. Listen, I shop online too and sometimes what I buy just isn’t what I thought it would be. Usually I have a tough time getting a refund or any help. I hate that!
That’s why we offer a 60-day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee. Our goal is to take away ANY RISK so you can confidently try our courses and know if it is not what you expected, we will give you a quick and courteous refund. That’s our promise to you.

A $97 Value, Yours Now For Just $17

Get The Luke Jensen Interview Now